If you experience any issues in completing your application, please try the following troubleshooting suggestions:

  • Having issues with the page loading sometimes.  What browser are you using? eg. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.  Please try from another browser - Chrome works best with this system however all should work.
  • Are you applying via a mobile phone or tablet?  You can only use these devices if you are able to download a document as the application process requires you to submit a resume.  Resumes and your supporting document cannot be attached to your application from Dropbox.
  • Are you submitting your application via your work computer?  Some organisations have filters on their servers that do not allow applications to be submitted.  Therefore you will need to submit your application via another computer or laptop that is not connected to such networks.
  • Error message says 'your file size if too big'?  The resume and/or supporting document that you have attached to your application is more than 2MB.  You will need to reduce the size of your document.  You can only add one document to the 'supporting document' area.  If you have more than one document, you will need to merge these together into one document and attach to your application.  
  • Error message at the top of the screen stating that you have not answered a question.  Every answer field requires an answer. If the question is not relevant, you can write 'NA' 
  • I have clicked on the submit button and the page hangs.  This means that your internet connection is not good.  You will need to try and load your application again.
  • I did not receive an acknowledgement of my application.  Please check our spam or junk inbox. Some open source email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Bigpond etc place these emails in that inbox.  
  • When will I be advised if my application has been successful?  We endeavour to try and shortlist within two (2) weeks of the closing date but sometimes this can take longer.  If you are shortlisted for an interview, will be contact you by phone to arrange a suitable time.  If you are not successful in being offered an interview you will receive an unsuccessful application email.  Please check your spam or junk inbox for this notification.  

However, if you are still having trouble you can always click on the 'Live Chat now' button on the left hand corner or  click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab to send us a message.